AliExpress Coupon!

Play on Ali Express and Win your Coupons for free!
Claim your free Coupon from the lottery system once every hour.

How does it work?

Free coupon every hour!

On our website, at every hour takes place the choosing of the aliexpress coupons winner (100$). All you have to do is to sign up to our site using a valid e-mail, your real name – then visit the lottery’s webpage at which you want to participate and you’ll be abble to receive a random number of Coupons converted in $100.

Weekly – up to 500 coupons (the equivalent of ~500$)

Every week our club organizes a lottery with prizes worth $500 in a coupon, depending to the amount of billets purchased or the number of participant players . More players = more prizes.
Every time you get prizes according to the prizes table above, you will receive a bonus of some free billets for the participation.


How to multiply your coupons

We offer you the possibility to multiply your coupons – to do so, visit MULTIPLY COUPON page. Here you can play a game with very simple rules.

At the BET AMOUNT box, place the billets number you bet and press BET or BET HI. Then a random number between 1 and 1000 will be displayed.



If random number >500 – You win 499 coupons

If random number < 500 –You win 501 coupons

Below the green box, you can see the history of your bets.

What’s this ?

Those who are passionate by online shopping know what a coupon is and how it is supposed to be used.

However, there are many persons that don’t have any knowledge on this subject. This is how it works:

What a voucher is?

It is a small printed piece of paper (it can be virtual as well) that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services.

Why are we different?

Because we offer coupons in the form of money.

Terms and conditions

You are responsible for the bets you make.

The coupons are in the form of money, so they can be used for online shopping on AliExpress website or any other service that requires online payment.